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About Me


My name is Brian Singleton and my artist name is Revivalist. God gave me the name many years ago, but Jesus is the true Revivalist, because He is the only one that "baptizes with Holy Spirit and fire." (Luke 3:16) I have been leading worship all around North Georgia for the past 8 years, including tent revivals, local and house churches, live and pre-recorded radio programs, and many other gatherings. I have witnessed spontaneous miracles at many of these as I led worship, including deliverance and physical and emotional healings. Having been set free from drug addiction and physically healed in supernatural meetings with Jesus, I have made it the focus of my ministry to help others have life-changing encounters with Him. The only way I know to accomplish this is to live a Spirit-filled life in intimate fellowship with God, and to try to obey all that He says.

My music comes from these moments and experiences with Him. I believe the songs are gifts from God to help others more deeply know Him.

My first album is entitled “Healing in His Wings”, and I have been releasing a single each month since October 2022. It includes eight original songs that are like landmarks on my journey with God. They are proclamations of faith, expressions of awe, and declarations of devotion to Jesus. They are prophetic in nature and filled with Scripture references. Most come from transformative times in His presence that have solidified the course of my life. There is also a modern take on “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and an original arrangement of the Lord's Prayer. I believe this album contains timely messages for the modern church.

I would love to hear from you, especially any testimonies you may have about how (or where) you are using the songs, or how God has used them in your life.

Thank you again for visiting! I pray that God would bless you and keep you!

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"Healing in His Wings" is the first album from REVIVALIST
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