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About Me


Brian Singleton has been serving the Lord in worship ministry for many years. Most of his songs come from times of private worship in his home, though the prophetic and spontaneous worship in gatherings often provides inspiration as well. He has carried a hand-held recorder to house churches, addiction recovery centers, small group meetings, and the many other places he has ministered over the years, and has drawn song ideas from those times. Scripture references can be found throughout his music, which is why he commonly refers to his style as "prophetic worship".

Revivalist is a name that God gave Brian many years ago, though he always points out that Jesus is the true Revivalist, because He is the one that "baptizes with Holy Spirit and fire." (Luke 3:16)

These songs always felt like gifts from God, so his desire is to give them to the Church in hopes that God will use them to encourage, strengthen, and comfort the body of Christ. From the very beginning of his call to ministry, Brian's constant prayer has simply been that people would have an encounter with the living God. If it is only him ministering, nothing changes; but when the Holy Spirit moves, everything can change in an instant. His prayer throughout the process of recording and producing "Healing in His Wings" has been that the Holy Spirit would move and change the atmosphere in every place these songs are played, so that people would come to know God in a deeply personal way, and that they would surrender more of their lives to Him.

He would love to hear from you, especially any testimonies you have about how you are using the songs, or how God has used them in your life. Thank you again for visiting!

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"Healing in His Wings" is the first album from REVIVALIST
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